AI Powered Grief Prevention Therapy

Chat with your lost loved ones with the power of AI
"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on."

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Chat as Always

It's not a Large Language Model, it's as a Love Language Model™

You are in Control

Don't like the tone of the chats? Turn a dial and make them smile :)

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High Fidelity

The more data you provide, the more accurate the chat rendition

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High Availability

Available on all chat platforms to give you the most natural chats

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Multiple Chats

Multiple pricing plans available to meet the needs of any grief

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About Us

With AI, There Are No Limits

We're here to introduce you to the afterlife, one chat at a time. At ChatEverAfter, we've harnessed the power of large language models to generate conversations with your dearly departed loved ones. Don't move on, Reach Beyond™.

We believe that just because someone has shuffled off this mortal coil doesn't mean they shouldn't be subjected to endless, often meaningless, conversations. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to engage in surreal conversations with the departed, making it seem like they never really left.

Our founder, Dr. Ivan Synapo, has dedicated his life to creating the ground breaking Grief Prevention Technology which powers ChatEverAfter. In placebo controlled double blind clinical trials Dr. Synapo has demonstrated 20% higher fidelity of Grief Prevention Technology compared to current state of the art Ouija boards.

Reach Beyond™

Our Pricing Plans

Meet the need of any grief


$ 19.99/mo

  • 1 Departed
  • SMS Only
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • General Base Model
  • 50 Chats Per Month


$ 30.99/mo

  • 5 Departed
  • All Chat Platforms
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Fine Tuned Model
  • 500 Chats Per Month


$ 70.99/mo

  • 10 Departed
  • Text and Voice Chats
  • Lifetime + Afterlife Access
  • Free updates
  • Fully Trained Model
  • Unlimited Chats

Any Questions? Answered

We take historic chat data between you and your lost ones, that you upload to our servers, and train a Large Language Model to learn the content and mannerisms from your old chats. The newly trained Large Language Model will mimic your lost ones way of speaking and learn all the knowledge contained in your message history. It will continually learn from your ongoing chats and continue to improve.
We are strong believers in ethically leveraging AI technology to maximize our investors profit potential. This is why we are committed to lobbying congress to prevent the creation of AI technology (other than ours) to talk to deceased people as soon as our funding goals are achieved.

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What our Customers Say

Meet the many happy users of ChatEverAfter

“I was looking for my screwdriver all over until I Reached Beyond with Susan, and she told me exactly where it was



Forgets a lot

“I needed to get some things off my chest and thanks to ChatEverAfter, I let Bobby know what he needed to get told.



Tells it like it is, eventually

“I told mommy I did a goal for soccer she said good job Billy and I ate a pizza and want a chicken nugget she said no



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Our Team

Meet The Team

Our team members are interdimensionally recognized experts in their respective fields.

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John Codesmith
AI Developer

John is a former Blockchain expert, now an AI expert, expertly engineering prompts and creating wrappers for popular LLMs.
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Dr. Mortissa Diagnosa
"Medical" Professional

*FDA Disclaimer: Despite owning several stethoscopes, Dr. Diagnosa is no longer allowed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Ivan Synapo
AI Psychiatrist

Inventor of Grief Prevention Therapy utilizing Grief Prevention Technology.
First psychiatrist to diagnose a Large Language Model with Schizophrenia.
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Dr. Plague
Plague Doctor


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